Gas Dock

The Marina

Our friendly, well-trained, and helpful staff will answer your questions, help you fuel up your boat safely, and get you underway for a great day on the lake.

Full-Service Fuel Pier

  1. All of our fuel is ETHANOL FREE! The right gasoline for marine use!
  2. Four pumps with REGULAR 87 OCTANE fuel....ethanol free.
  3. Two pumps with 50/1 GAS/OIL MIX fuel...ethanol free.
  4. FULL SERVICE! Service with a smile!
  5. Pump-out your tokens and pump out your head.

Bait Shop

  1. Complete bait selection with Night Crawlers, Wax Worms, Glo Worms, and Red Worms.
  2. Commissary with vending machines, ice cream cooler, soda, water and other treats!


  1. Easy Access to showroom and accessories department!
  2. Pick up your Sunscreen, water toys, t-shirts right across the street!
  3. Don't forget your fuel stabilizer, conveniently located at the showroom and in our service department.


  1. Seasonal Dockage Available
  2. Boat Rentals Available-Hourly, Daily, or Weekly

Call us with any questions!