Suzuki Resolutionary Customer Rebates

Suzuki: Suzuki Resolutionary Customer Rebates



Two of our customer's most common New Year's Resolutions are to get into shape and get out on the water more in 2018! Getting into good shape may be hard to do, but getting out on the water more in 2018 is super easy, especially with Suzuki's Resolutionary Rebates! Suzuki is here to help you with more time on the water and more fun with your boat all while offering Suzuki "Resolutionary" Customer Rebates on qualifying Suzuki Outboard motors from 40hp all the way to the New Contra Rotating Flag Ship DF350A. Suzuki wants you to resolve to make this your best Suzuki year ever in 2018!

Suzuki rebates of up to $800.00 can help out with the rigging of new boats or re-powering boats with new Suzuki Outboard Motors.  Don't wait to save, as the Suzuki "Resolutionary" Customer Rebates will only last until January 31, 2018.